Video clip for a song by Rockfour
This is an art direction project in collaboration with the designer Shai Cotani and Rockfour band. It is a video clip made for the single "Halloween" from the band's album "Eretz Ir". The theme is inspired by all hallows day, when the spirits of Christian saints appear and gather, also by women in the medieval age who were defined as witches and got executed. The production took place at Tel-Aviv with a crew of photographers, actors, and with Rockfour band.

An original short play
This project is a collaboration with the actress Niva Alush, the 'Train Theater', hosted by 'The International Puppetry Festival Of Jerusalem'. The play took place at the Bell park, for four full days of the festival. With an original soundtrack, few puppets, and wearable stage objects, it tells the story of a young girl who goes on a journey to finding herself. The play explores the relationship between the puppeteer and the object. It has movements and sound effects, and the dynamics of a singer and an actress on the stage.

An original short play
"Trixy and Pedra" is a show for the whole family, which was specially written for the Elves and Fairies theater festival, produced by the Train Theater and performed by Niva Alush and Gai Safran-Lulai. The plot reflects the differences between a fairy (Phedra) and an elf (Trixy) worlds, both facing dilemma-Should they fight together despite their differences for the sake of the forest that will be destroyed by humans? Or each one by herself as she is and maintain their origins? The show was part of a multidisciplinary, diverse art festival.

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